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SEO Tester Online is the all-in-one SEO / SEM platform that with its powerful, simple and intuitive tools helps every year over 500,000 marketers, web agencies and SMEs in more than 45 countries around the world to do business on Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines.
All subscription plans include an email support (you can write to and chat (you can find the widget on our website). If you have purchased a plan that provides it, you can also have access to calls (in English or Italian) with our expert, that will answer all your support requests.
For more details or to request telephone support in addition to your plan, you can write to support@seotesteronline.comFor any other questions, curiosity or information you can contact us by writing an email to
You can unsubscribe whenever you want from your account settings, in a couple of clicks. After turning off automatic renewal, your current plan will proceed smoothly until it expires and you will be able to use the pro features of SEO Tester Online. At the end of the life cycle of your subscription, your account will be reverted to the Free version and you will no longer be able to use the paid features.
Yes, you can get your refund no later than 15 days from the first activation of the plan thanks to our "Money back" guarantee. Remember that if you activate a free trial, the trial days will be counted towards the validity period of your money back guarantee.
Yes, there is a 7-day free trial with no obligation, only at the end of which you will be charged the amount in € of the plan you have chosen from your account. Even if we do not apply any charge, to activate your free trial we will ask you to associate a valid payment method through one of the available payment services (Stripe or Paypal) to be sure that our free trial is not activated by bots and that it is not is subject to malicious behavior by malicious users. If you do not want to activate your chosen plan at the end of the free trial period, simply remember to deactivate the automatic renewal in the appropriate section of your account settings. You can do it in complete autonomy and at any time.
To ensure maximum security for our users, we do not record any bank details or your card details for payment. Payment is secure and entirely managed by Stripe and PayPal payment systems. Through Stripe and PayPal you can pay with all major cards and circuits (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.), with your Stripe or PayPal wallet and with any other system accepted by the platform.
If you have any doubts or questions about it, please contact us at
We have a proprietary database with over 1.4 billion keywords in more than 35 countries around the world. Doesn't it seem enough? Not even us, that's why we integrate some data from external providers to make our tools even more powerful and complete.
You will find many platforms out there, but SEO Tester Online might be the one to guide you into the dark universe of SEO. Why? We could talk to you about the fact that you will find international SEO data at significantly lower prices than the competition. Or we could tell you that the credits under our plans are very generous. But that's not what we really want you to focus on. What we want to point out and of which we are really proud is that compared to our competitors we pay maniacal attention to the needs of our users, how they use the platform and how they would like it to be. We want to ensure that everyone can enhance their SEO, get the metrics they need and reach new customers online, thanks to a simple and intuitive SEO. An example? You can find our public development roadmap here where you can also suggest your new favorite features or vote for other proposals from the community. The most chosen functions are discussed by our team and can acquire higher priority in our internal development activities.
Yes, you can change your subscription plan whenever you want.

To do this, just contact us at
We will be happy to guide you in the procedure that best suits your needs.
Once you have canceled your account or your subscription you will no longer be able to access your projects and related data. We therefore advise you, if you decide to do so, to make a backup of the data on your PC, exporting everything in .csv files or downloading SEO Reports.
No hidden costs and no setup fees. You can change your plan or cancel your SEO Tester Online subscription at any time from the platform or by contacting us at
No, we generally don't sell our tools separately. This is because our goal is to offer not simple SEO tools but an entire ecosystem to support marketers, consultants, web agencies and SMEs who want to optimize their websites for search engines at 360 °. Despite this, we foresee the possibility for SMEs and Enterprises with specific needs to create Custom plans, to make the most of the potential of individual instruments.
Of course, we love the new opportunities to network with our partners. If you think we could do something interesting together, send an email to We will be happy to evaluate your proposal.
Yes, we work with our affiliates around the world, but our selection is rigorous. If you work with affiliations and want to earn through SEO Tester Online, you can apply at the following link (insert link typeform / landing here). We will be happy to evaluate your proposal.
If you want to update your password you can do it quickly and easily in the "Change Password" section that you can find in your account settings.
Sure, we love having you still with us. After the end of your subscription, you can still use all the features of the free account for as long as you wish.
Of course! One of our experts will guide you to discover our platform and all its potential. To arrange your Demo, just fill in the contact form on the contact page, write to our email address:, or by clicking here!
You can have peaceful dreams. We respect your privacy and take care of your data according to common sense and in compliance with current regulations. Here our Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.!
SEO Tester Online is a product of Quarzio s.r.l. a proudly Sicilian Innovative Startup located at Via G. Mazzini, 47, Aci Sant’Antonio (Catania), 95025, Italy.
Yes, we do provide access to our APIs, but only to SMEs and large corporations who subscribe to an Enterprise Plan.
To find out more, write to
For other doubts, curiosities, questions or suggestions, please write to or consult our help section.
Italian legislation frames the activities of SEO Tester Online as a direct e-commerce activity.
On every SEO Tester Online plan, in the cases provided by law, the corresponding IVA/VAT rate or any other charge or tax will be applied, as required by Italian law and international regulations.

In case you are a customer with residence within the Italian territory owner or not the holder of VAT (B2B and B2C trade):
you are required to pay the price of the product and the corresponding VAT, calculated according to the rate in force in Italy (22% or any other rate updated on the payment date of your plan).
For the provision of online services, in fact, the provisions of art. 7-ter and subsequent of Presidential Decree 633/72 (in particular 7-sexies, letter f)) which provides for the application of VAT to 22% on the services provided in B2B or B2C transactions in the event that the operators are both inside the Italian territory (both B2B and B2C operations).
In case you are a client with residence within the EU (European Union) holder of VAT (B2B commerce):
you are only required to pay the price of your subscription (the taxable amount) and your invoice will be marked with the wording “reverse charge”.
The services rendered will be invoiced with the words “transaction not subject” pursuant to article 7-ter comma 1 letter a) of DPR no. 633/72.
NYour invoice will be specifically marked with the words “reverse charge” as provided for in the article 21, comma 6-bis, letter a) of DPR n. 633/72. It will then be your duty to apply the principle of reverse charge at the registration stage accounting of your bill.
In case you are a client with residence within the EU (European Union) NO VAT holder (B2C trade):
you are required to pay the price of your subscription (taxable) and the VAT according to the rate in force in Italy (22% or any other rate updated on the payment date of your plan).
In case you are a client with residence outside the EU (European Union) DOES NOT hold a Business Number:
you are required to pay only the price of your subscription and the invoice of your subscription will include the words “transaction not subject”, pursuant to Article 7-ter comma 1 letter a) of DPR n. 633/72. In fact, for the provision of online services, the discipline referred to in art. 7-ter and subsequent of DPR 633/72 ( in particular 7-sexies, letter f)) which provides for the application of VAT to 22% on the services rendered in B2C transactions in the event that the client is resident outside the Italian territory and that of the European community (extra-EU client).